“Offering our customers a personal service to discover the authenticity of the culture,
nature and people of Nepal in a responsible, sustainable way.”

Dream Nepal Travel & Tours welcomes you to the steepest country in the world, which descends from the heights of Everest to the tiger-prowling jungles below, where Hinduism & Buddhism have met and created undreamed of glories, the country where Lord Buddha was born and the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. In a highly competitive sector, we hold a seat that is recognised by the Nepalese Government.

Travelife Partner

We aim to reduce the negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of our activities. In February 2013 we became Travelife Engaged after completion of their trainings on the implementation of the sustainable principles and practices in Dream Nepal. We take into consideration the triple bottom line to weight ecological, economic and social aspects when we plan, provide or promote tourism related services, as per stated in our Sustainability Policy.

We are maintaining Nepal’s recently gained position of status and respect on the World Tourism Map, by fully utilising the country’s assets, in tandem with it’s high cultural and natural values. In doing so, we are making Nepal a country that is really worth – while visiting. In developing and encouraging programs of short & long hikes (walks) as a special attraction, we are attempting to allow our guests to associate more intimately with the people and places of Nepal. If the saying “ Guests are Gods ” is taken literally, then it is our responsibility to provide the best possible services for them.

Great Himalaya Trail

We are also offering treks of The Great Himalaya Trail.
We are also offering treks of The Great Himalaya Trail. This trail is a network of existing treks and trails, which together form one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world. Nepal’s GHT has 10 sections comprising a network of upper and lower routes, each offering you something different, be it adventure and exploration, authentic cultural experiences, or simply spectacular Himalayan nature.
Dream Nepal in the GHT website: Dream Nepal Travel & Tours

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