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Makwanpur, the place deriving its name from the historic name of the place Makandapur—lies in central Nepal. Makwanpur’s natural beauty, legacy of the Sen dynasty, ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity, and multi-faith pilgrimage spots make it a promising tourist destination. Even a model hydropower station has been built in the district that is making rapid strides towards industrialisation. Makawanp
It is home to 80 ethnic communities, including minorities. Adjoining the southern border of Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts, it is just a few hours’ drive to this tourist district. From here, it’s a scenic drive with bewitching mountain views along the way as you head south for the tropical jungles where you can view the rhinos, tigers and other game from the back of an elephant.

Makwanpur is also an open university for the study of biodiversity. Rich in herbs, plants, rhododendrons and orchids, the district has an amazing geography and ethnic composition that generate considerable interest. If it snows just 50 km north of the district headquarters – which enjoys a cool temperate climate – the tropical heat engulfs you just 50 km south. The district is dominated by the Tamangs, but it is also the homeland of the Chepang (Praja) people, and the country’s only Bankiriya community, who live in Handikhola VDC. Likewise, the district is home to minority ethnic groups like the Danuwar, Majhi (fishermen), Pahari and Thami. Beside this people belonging to Brahmin, Kshetri, Newar and other communities are also found locals in this district.

Makwanpur district is famous for its many festivals and fairs. The Rikheshwor Jatra that takes place in the Temple of Rikheshwor in Daman, Barahi Jatra of Bajrabarahi, the 500-year-old Kartik Nach (dance) of Chitlang, the Syarse Kalika Jatra of Bhausekhani, Indrayani Mai Jatra of Palung, Churiyamai Jatra of Churiyamai, Bhimsen Jatra of Bhimphedi, Trikhandi Jatra of Bhainse and the Krishna Jatra of Hetauda are the most popular festivals of this district.

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Chitlang is an ancient Newar Settlement located over the southern rim of the Kathmandu Valley. The old, famed trade route connecting Kathmandu and India goes over Chandragiri and passes through Chitlang, Kulekhani, Bhimphedi and Hetauda. Geographical diversity, flora and fauna are the main characteristics of the villages. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The village is surrounded by beautiful green forest, which consists of more than 160 species of birds and animals. The large green fields are an added attraction of Chitlang. Chitlang is also known for trout farming and has the largest grazing ground (Bheda Farm) in the country.

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