Nawalparasi is a district in the western region and has many religious sites. The temple of Daunne Devi was established in 1880 B.S. and many people visit the place during the Chaite Dashain festival in March.It is a popular picnic spot and it provides a scenic view of the Terai down south. Another religious site is ‘Triveni Dham’ – ‘the confluence of three rivers meet’.¬†People believe taking a holy dip here will bring in blessings from the god and every year Nawalparasi 2pilgrims from Nepal and India congregate here. In this district you have the opportunity to experience the indigenous Magar and Tharu culture. And, from the highest hill in Nawalparasi, Devchuli, you have an amazing view of the Himalayan range.

Rajahar Bazar is one of the oldest towns in the area. Every Sunday there is the weekly street market known as ‘Haat Bazar’. Though, Nawalparasi has more to offer than historical and religious sites. If you want off the beaten path jungle safaris you can set course Nawalparasi 1for Nawalparasi in the western part of Chitwan National Park. It has superb bird watching, fishing, elephant safari, boating, rafting on the Narayani River and you can have dinner with a glorious sunset. Especially bird watching on the Narayani River and Sanischare Lake in Winter is an amazing experience, when the Siberian birds migrate to the Narayani River and its surroundings.

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