Ghalegaun is a village with unparalleled scenic grandeur and a home to the world famous Gurkha Soldiers – the Gurungs. Ghalegaun is a model village for experiencing the typical culture and lifestyle of the Gurung people. Ghalegaun 1Ghalegaun is truly a beautiful village with spectacular view of Mount Manaslu range in the east, Lamjung Himal and Annapurna II in the north and Mount Machhapuchhare (fishtail) in the west. The village is very famous for its sunrise view and the bird-eye views of spectacular closely packed Gurung settlement and terraced farm fields. It has a ‘green trail’, which has been made only by humans and is considered as a model trail that starts on the way from Besi Sahar to Ghalegaun. Furthermore the densely forested majestic panoramic views of the mountains offer thrilling experience. There is a rocky mountain named Bhoj Prodi, which is half an hour from the village, which offers honey-hunting observation. Blooming Rhododendron in March / April makes Ghalegaun trek unique. In addition, Tomro and Chemro forests are the only two forests in its vicinity and the surrounding forests provide shelter to a wide range of animals like leopards, deers, kalij and Kade Vyakur, an endangered species.

Sights & Activities
Uttarkanya Mandir (Temple) is a holy place in the north of the village. The unique orientation of the goddess idol of this temple (facing north, which is very rare in other temples and monasteries) is full of mythic stories. During the Maghe Sankranti Festival (mid-January) devotees take bath in the seven holy water pond, constructed by the former ruler – the Ghale King.
GalegaunCulture & Local Festivals
Many cultural traditions and festivals are celebrated in the village; Chhewar (ritual for first time shaving of the son’s hair), Arghun (ritual after death), and Biya (during the marriage ceremony the bride is taken to the bridegroom’s home with her friends, relatives and offered Tika of rice and curd by the guardians). Lochhar, the Gurung’s New Year, is another important festival celebrated in the village. 

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