Chitwan Chepang Hills Trail

CCH Trekking Itinerary
Trekking into the Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail, takes one through the charming villages of Nepal’s hills, and also gives an opportunity to experience first-hand the Chepang culture prevalent in this region. Chepangs, believed to be influenced by Tamangs, speak their own distinct language, leading a nomadic life and their primary lifestyle, hunting, foraging for wild roots and fishing and traditional farming near jungles. A Praja Pande (faith healer) might be an interesting figure for cultural tourists to be introduced to. They inhabit the remote and sparse contours of Makwanpur, Chitwan, Gorkha and Dhading districts. Other ethnic groups found in this region largely comprise of Tharu, Musahar, Satahar, Danuwar, Tamang, Kumal Gurung and Magar.
Chepang 1The Chitwan Chepang Hills Trail offers a rare combination of cultural and sightseeing experience and often the only option will be to stay in a home, giving opportunity for interaction and cultural insight. People will be enthusiastic to meet you and foreigners in rural Nepal are few and far between outside of the usual routes. Most Nepali people feel that it is an honour to have a visitor.

Chepang Museum
A Chepang Museum has also been established at Shaktikhor with the view to preserve and promote primitive cultures, originalities, costumes, and lifestyles of the people. Different materials used by the Chepangs and relics like catapults used in killing birds, slings and bows used for hunting animals, crushing devices, dhiki and janto (traditional stone tools for beating and grinding grains), pots, wooden containers, drums have been kept in the museum.

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