Indigenous People Trail

GAURISHANKAR FROM SAILUNGThe IP Trail is a memorable blend cultural, Himalayan views and scenic landscapes. The trail boasts spectacular mountain views including the unique Himalayan panoramas from Sailung offering one of Nepal’s few unimpeded Himalayan panoramas of the entire 400km Himalayan range including the Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, Everest and Kanchenjunga Himal ranges. The serenely peaceful and scenic IP Trail has been designed primarily for Homestay-based cultural trekking experiences. You are are welcomed into the culture and lifestyle of indigenous communities including Sherpa, Newar, Thami, Tamang, Yolmo and Majhis. The two predominant Nepali religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, are ever present with a variety of gods and goddess, temples, stupas, monasteries and sacred caves.

IP Trail 3The trail passes through the beautifully folded Mahabharat range and rolling terraced farmlands. The virgin forests at Sailung, Rajveer, Augleshwori, Galba and Khandadevi are the unique habitat for varieties of wildlife including pheasant, deer and Longoor monkey, as well as a seasonal spring blaze of blooming rhododendron. The beautiful sunset and sunrise view and waterfall along the river at Daduwa, thatched houses and traditional colorful festivals such as Janaipurnima (August), Sora-shraddha (September), Lhosar (February) and Buddha Purnima (May) are also among the special attractions offered on the IP Trail. The final trail destination, Lubughat on the Sun Koshi River, provides visitors the memorable experiences in river fishing and rafting as well as culture of the host Majhi community, Nepal’s indigenous riverine people.

Trekking Itinerary
IP Trekking Itinerary
IP Trail MapLying entirely on the Mahabharat range, the IP Trail offers mainly local Home Stay accommodation experiences offering trekkers a rare opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of six different Nepali ethnic groups. This top-down, gentle trek suits all types of trekkers particularly visitors wishing to avoid extreme high altitudes. The weeklong trail takes visitors from a starting elevation of 3146m at Sailung to 533m at Lubughat by the Sunkoshi River.
We recommend a 7-nights / 8-days itinerary for the Indigenous People Trail, but for people with less time available we can appropriately customise an exciting 4-nights / 5-days itinerary.

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