Numbur Cheese Circuit

NNC Trekking Itinerary
The ‘Numbur Cheese Circuit’ boasts superb breathtaking views of majestic Himalayan peaks including Numburchuli (6.959m), Sarmoche (5.255m), Ramdung (5.930m), Chukyima Go (6.259m), Parchamo (6.273m), Bigphrea Go Nup (6.666m), Paniyo Tippa (6.696m) and PaniyoShar (6.549m). It is also home to beautiful glacier and moraine such as Linkhu Nup Glacier, Bigphere Go Glacier, Surmoche Glacier, Likhu Glacier and other various tiny glaciers in the surroundings. High Himalayan lakes, revered by pilgrims and rich in biodiversity including Panchpokhari, Jatapokhari, Bhalepokhari, Dudhpokhari are also among the prime attractions of the NCC for visitors.
Numbur 2The trek encompasses a variety of terrain- deep river gorges, glacial lakes, terraced rice fields, temperate to alpine vegetation, and Sherpa villages to the towering peaks of Bigphera Go Nup (Pathibara) and Numburchuli. One can also observe Yak Cheese factories and the famous Thodung Monastery on the way. In March and April, rhododendrons bloom in profusion and eagles, musk deer and Himalayan Tahr are a regular sighting!

NCC is primarily an eco-camping trek. Accommodation on the the NCC ranges from a few well-established lodges at Shivalaya, Garjyang, Deurali and Bhandar on the Everest Base Camp route; to newly developed eco-camping sites in Panipakha, Manedanda, Panchpokhari, Tare and Ngeju; and family home-stays in magnificent Sherpa homes in Khahare, Lhachhewar, Kyama, Gumdel and Lapchane.
Numbur 4Visitors are kindly requested to trek gently; respect local people, culture and traditions, contribute to the local economy and help to maintain the natural environment while trekking in the NCC. The NCC trails lies on Gaurishankar Conservation Area so trekkers must follow rule and regulations of the conservation.

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