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Dudhkunda Cultural Trail
DCT Trekking Itinerary
Dudhkunda (4.560m) is a holy mountain lake in the lap of Mt. Numbur, a popular trekking destination of Solu. The trek to Dudhkunda, starting from Phaplu, can be done either only around the Dudhkunda Lake or combined with Dudhkunda 1cultural experience passing through Khaling Rai and Sherpa settlements and then back to Salleri through dense forests or rhododendron and a variety of wildlife. The trail combined provides one with a close encounter with the unique Khaling Rais of this area. Dudhkunda, which literally means ‘lake of milk’, is said to be a sacred lake and is revered by the local people. It is believed that taking a dip in its holy waters will fulfill one’s wishes. During full moon nights in August Pilgrims and Jhakris (Shaman priests) hold a weeklong celebration.

Pikey Cultural Trail

PCT Trekking Itinerary
Pikey Danda (4.065m) is one of the tallest hills of Solu. From Pikey you can see most of the central and eastern Himalayan peaks – Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Lhotse, and many more. Pikey 1The peak also offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views during good weather. A trail through Jiri – Chaulakharka – Ngaur leads to the Pikey Danda area. The trail starts at Phaplu and ends at Salleri. From here the trail descends through dense forest finally meeting the Everest trail at Taktor. From Pikey, one can also continue on to the Dudhkunda Trail. One of the most beautiful Sherpa villages, Junbesi 1Junbesi, is on the way from Pikey to Dudhkunda. Once can also visit the famous Thuptenchholing monastery on the way. The name Pikey is derived from the name of a Sherpa clan deity. During the month of July the locals hold celebrations to worship their clan god, the eastern Chyabo Pikey, as Pikey Hlapchen Karbu. Besides trekking, Pikey is a good spot for paragliding, mountain biking, bird watching, pilgrimage, and mediation.

Junbesi & Thuptenchholing Monastery
Junbesi (2.700m) is one of the most beautiful Sherpa villages with its astonishing landscapes, cultural wealth, and the hospitable Sherpa people. It is also a junction of the Everest Trail and Thuptenchholing monastery.
Monastery 1The monastery is an hour from Junbesi and it was founded in the late 1960s by Thulsuk Rinpoche. It is popular as a center of religious tourism and its reputation has been further boosted by the fame of His Holiness Thulsuk Rinpoche. There are more than 500 monks and nuns who study Buddhism, meditate, and offer prayers in this monastery. It is one of the biggest nuns’ residential monasteries in the country.

YouTube Impression of Dudhkunda-Pikey Cultural Trail

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