Sustainability Policy

We aim to reduce the negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of our activities. We take into consideration the triple bottom line to weight ecological, economic and social aspects when we plan, provide or promote tourism related services.

Economic - Give back to the local communities
Environment - Ensure to minimise our impact on the environment and help to conserve
- Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility

Economic “Give Back To The Local Communities”

  • We promote trips that are offered by local suppliers and communities
  • We ensure that the returns from the trips featured in our website our generated back to the host communities through services such as guide, accommodation and transportation, as per stated in our Sustainable Excursion Policy
  • We ensure that local guides are being engaged to provide better interpretative experiences
  • We involve local communities, where possible, in our operations
  • We purchase, where possible, locally produced goods and services

Environment “Minimise Our Impact & Help To Conserve”

  • We adhere to local conditions and limits set by local carrying capacity for trips and host destination that we market
  • We encourage our guests to take trips during the off-peak period to prevent overstraining resources
  • We will contract only with suppliers, such as hotels and tour operators, that are able to take into account the environmental impact of their activities
  • We encourage our guests to contribute to My Climate to offset their emission
  • We aim to reduce our energy consumption, water use and waste management, as stated in our Environment Policy

Social “Fulfilling Our Corporate Social Responsibility”

  • We actively promote and raise awareness of responsible tourism and travel practices among travellers through our website, literature and presentations
  • Travellers who booked through our website will receive information on the destination prior to their trips, to understand and respect the culture and environment of the host destination, as per stated in our Responsible Tourist Policy
  • We take into consideration the economic, environmental and social issues when looking at new products and destinations
  • We work together with our local partners in the host destinations to implement the responsible tourism guidelines and work out how these standards can be met
  • We support local projects that are related to environmental conservation and local community development
  • We buy souvenirs and handicrafts from local communities for our corporate gifts

Dream Nepal will provide training and guidance on sustainability issues and sustainable driving techniques where needed. All drivers will receive the Code of Conduct for Drivers. In selecting transport option, the transport companies must comply with the requirements, as per stated in our Sustainable Transport Policy.

We would like our accommodations to work as sustainable as possible, both with respect to the environment as with respect to the people working with or living close to the accommodation. Therefore we request all the hotels, home stays and other accommodations we work with to apply the sustainability measures as per stated in our Sustainable Accommodation Policy.

We promote responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people. Dream Nepal has a sister organisation called ‘Discover Nepal‘, a not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO). Dream Nepal constantly contributes 10% of its profit to the NGO for educational, environmental, health and tourism programs.

Dream Nepal is member of the Alliance for Responsible Tourism – Nepal (ART-Nepal), where environment protection activities are one of the central issues. It aims at increasing cooperation and partnerships amongst the alliance members and supporting local and national sustainable initiatives.

ART-Nepal’s activities aim to create awareness and understanding about sustainable tourism within the alliance members and sharing this knowledge with the local communities. Every alliance member has to commit to the five core values, as stated in our Partner Policy: Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental conservation, cultural preservation, socio-economic balance, and cooperation.


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