GHT Lower Trail

Trekking Itinerary
Time: 92 days | Difficulty: Moderate

Father and child, Humla, NepalNepal’s Lower GHT – also called the cultural route – goes mostly through the country’s mid hills with an average altitude of 2.000m. However, there are still a couple of passes to cross with the highest being the Jang La at 4.519m between Dhorpatan and Dolpa in West-Nepal. Trekking along the lower GHT means walking through beautiful lush forests, pastures, green rice terraces and fertile agricultural land, providing the basis for Nepal’s rich culture and civilisation. You will come across local settlements of many different cultural groups, giving you the change to see what authentic Nepali village life is all about.

For most parts of the trek, you’ll be able to stay in small guesthouses or home stays, but make sure to still take your tent for some of the more remote sections of the route. With lots of local restaurants around, you’ll find a place to eat almost everywhere and so you don’t necessarily need to carry large amounts of food. Shorter then the Upper Trail, the Lower GHT stretches over a distance of 1.500 km and the whole trek will roughly take around 95 days.

Picture7Nepal’s Lower Trail starts at the eastern border with Sikkim at Simhalila Bhanjyang, close to the famous viewpoint of the Kanchenjunga Range in Phalut, and ends in Darchula at Nepal’s Indian border in the Far West. The trekking itinerary takes 92 days from East to West. It should be taken into account that there is not one official Lower GHT route. At many points you can choose to take another trial than the one described below. Besides, you can choose to make a combination of the Lower and Upper trail, if you want to add some high mountain landscape experience to your trek.

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